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8216753 Ram-induced short luteal phases: effects of hysterectomy and cellular composition of the corpus luteum.  
838860 Neutrophil preservation: the effect of short-term storage on in vivo kinetics.  
841069 A modeled study for diagnosis of small anechoic masses with ultrasound.  
841583 Biocompatibility and bioabsorption of microfibrillar collagen hemostat in experimental animals.  
8447195 Insulin-like growth factor I accelerates proliferation and differentiation of cartilage progenitor cells in cultures of neonatal mandibular condyles.  
8588886 Evaluation of six sampling methods for recovery of bacteria from beef carcass surfaces.  
864795 Effects of enviromental temperature and femoral fracture on wound healing in rats.  
8656350 Effect of peripheral subepithelial fibrosis on corneal transplant topography.  
8691112 The effect of ovarian arterial infusion of human recombinant inhibin and bovine follicular fluid on ovarian hormone secretion by ewes with an autotransplanted ovary.  
8698696 Confocal laser-scanning microscopy for determining the structure of and keratinocyte infiltration through collagen sponges.  

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