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12782321 In situ photoaffinity labeling of the target protein for lembehyne A, a neuronal differentiation inducer.  
17234250 Mandarin peelings: the best carbon source to produce laccase by static cultures of Trametes pubescens.  
22174603 Antiproliferative effect of aaptamine on human chronic myeloid leukemia k562 cells.  
22447058 BMP2/7 heterodimer is a stronger inducer of bone regeneration in peri-implant bone defects model than BMP2 or BMP7 homodimer.  
22768777 [The effect of osteogenic inducer on healing of tooth extraction sockets].  
8195116 Jasplakinolide, a cytotoxic natural product, induces actin polymerization and competitively inhibits the binding of phalloidin to F-actin.  
9055655 Effect of 6-MFA, an interferon inducer obtained from fungus Aspergillus ochraceus on hepatic mixed function oxidase system in rats.  
9250716 Latrunculin A is a potent inducer of aggregation of polymorphonuclear leukocytes.  
9930110 OP-1 has more effect than mechanical signals in the control of tissue differentiation in healing rat tendons.  

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