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21951859 Anti-biofilm activity of an exopolysaccharide from a sponge-associated strain of Bacillus licheniformis.  
22366319 Oncomir miR-125b regulates hematopoiesis by targeting the gene Lin28A.  
22509253 Cacospongionolide and scalaradial, two marine sesterterpenoids as potent apoptosis-inducing factors in human carcinoma cell lines.  
22585351 Cis-2-decenoic acid inhibits S. aureus growth and biofilm in vitro: a pilot study.  
2555015 Inhibitory effect of a toxin okadaic acid, isolated from the black sponge on smooth muscle and platelets.  
2758370 Some pharmacological activities of novel adenine-related compounds isolated from a marine sponge Agelas mauritiana.  
2850136 Development of the polyurethane sponge as a delivery system for aryl 4-guanidinobenzoates.  
3011012 Leukocyte recruitment in the subcutaneous sponge implant model of acute inflammation in the rat is not mediated by leukotriene B1.  
3799369 Effect of cimetidine on wound healing in rats.  
386745 Modulation of granulomatous inflammation by prostaglandin E. Involvement of mononuclear cells.  

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