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10978743 Membrane permeabilization induced by discodermin A, a novel marine bioactive peptide.  
18065492 The synthetic oleanane triterpenoid, CDDO-methyl ester, is a potent antiangiogenic agent.  
19213570 Anti-angiogenic activity of a novel class of chemopreventive compounds: oleanic acid terpenoids.  
21456536 Chemical mimicry: hierarchical 1D TiO2@ZrO2 core-shell structures reminiscent of sponge spicules by the synergistic effect of silicatein-α and silintaphin-1.  
23236523 The evolution and origin of animal toll-like receptor signaling pathway revealed by network-level molecular evolutionary analyses.  
7456114 Characteristics of transplantation immunity in the sponge, Callyspongia diffusa.  

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