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23901 Species-specific aggregation factor in sponges. VII. Its effect on cyclic amp and cyclic gmp metabolism in cells of Geodia cydonium.  
2507884 Effect of cyclosporine-A on connective tissue deposition in experimental inflammatory lesions.  
2640487 [Manoalide: a new phospholipase A2 inhibitor of marine origin with potential immunoregulatory effect].  
2720652 Antitumor activity and mechanism of action of the novel marine natural products mycalamide-A and -B and onnamide.  
2835848 Renal hypercalciuria and metabolic acidosis associated with medullary sponge kidney: effect of alkali therapy.  
2881714 Metabolism of some carcinogenic aromatic amines in four species of marine sponges.  
322605 [Properties of a collagen and monomycin complex].  
3610216 Evidence that the cytoskeleton plays a key role in cell adhesion.  
4835508 Effect of changes in inspired oxygen tension on wound metabolism.  
520082 [Effect of exogenous collagen on the metabolism of burns in rats; the collagen treatment of large superficial excision wounds].  

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