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17519707 Differential effect of burn injury on fibroblasts from wounds and normal skin.  
18330887 The geodiamolide H, derived from Brazilian sponge Geodia corticostylifera, regulates actin cytoskeleton, migration and invasion of breast cancer cells cultured in three-dimensional environment.  
18346949 Biomimetic modification of the TiO(2)/glass composite Ecopore with heparinized collagen and the osteoinductive factor BMP-2.  
18534675 Biomedical potential of the reactive oxygen species generation and quenching by fullerenes (C60).  
18553894 Simple modifications of branched PEI lead to highly efficient siRNA carriers with low toxicity.  
1930288 Two-step inactivation of bee venom phospholipase A2 by scalaradial.  
19419052 [Trophie webs of reef fishes at Cuba's NW area. II. Functional groups].  
19441114 Surface modification of porous scaffolds with nanothick collagen layer by centrifugation and freeze-drying.  
19464054 Gene transfer efficiency of high primary amine content, hydrophobic, alkyl-oligoamine derivatives of polyethylenimine.  
19641290 Tissue substitutes with improved angiogenic capabilities: an in vitro investigation with endothelial cells and endothelial progenitor cells.  

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