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10051149 Modulation of acute and chronic inflammatory processes by cacospongionolide B, a novel inhibitor of human synovial phospholipase A2.  
12146837 The effects of sewage discharge on shallow hard substrate sessile assemblages.  
1548918 Short-term and long-term results of experimental wrapping techniques for bronchial anastomosis.  
15589831 PLA2-mediated catalytic activation of its inhibitor 25-acetyl-petrosaspongiolide M: serendipitous identification of a new PLA2 suicide inhibitor.  
1618271 Influence of a long-acting bradykinin antagonist, Hoe 140, on some acute inflammatory reactions in the rat.  
16727638 Superovulatory response in anestrous ewes is affected by the presence of a large follicle.  
1691101 Proteinase inhibitors, kinins and the inflammatory reaction induced by sponge implantation in rats.  
16984445 Wound fluids from saline solution- and Staphylococcus aureus peptidoglycan-inoculated sponges induce expression of matrix metalloproteinase 13 messenger ribonucleic acid by cultured rat fibroblasts.  
18390923 Glucogenic supply increases ovulation rate by modifying follicle recruitment and subsequent development of preovulatory follicles without effects on ghrelin secretion.  
19464054 Gene transfer efficiency of high primary amine content, hydrophobic, alkyl-oligoamine derivatives of polyethylenimine.  

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