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22624859 Cannabidiol inhibits angiogenesis by multiple mechanisms.  
22871741 An anti-let-7 sponge decoys and decays endogenous let-7 functions.  
23261430 Nox4 modulates collagen production stimulated by transforming growth factor β1 in vivo and in vitro.  
2826758 Calcium-independent phosphorylation of smooth muscle myosin light chain by okadaic acid isolated from black sponge (Halichondria okadai).  
2867159 Models for evaluating the anti-inflammatory effects of inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism.  
2944886 Purealin, a novel stabilizer of smooth muscle myosin filaments that modulates ATPase activity of dephosphorylated myosin.  
3006690 Eicosapentaenoic acid as a modulator of inflammation. Effect on prostaglandin and leukotriene synthesis.  
3022898 [Anti-inflammatory effect of ACTH in the rat].  
3258249 Interleukin 1 modulates collagen accumulation by rat granulation tissue cells both in vivo and in vitro.  
3497461 Significance of T-lymphocytes in wound healing.  

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