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17873837 Evaluation of the activity of the sponge metabolites avarol and avarone and their synthetic derivatives against fouling micro- and macroorganisms.  
19961424 New data on biochemical mechanism of programmed senescence of organisms and antioxidant defense of mitochondria.  
2005375 Histochemical reactivity of the Geodia cydonium agglutinin (GCA) in human tissues.  
20820589 Nanoporous gold: a new material for catalytic and sensor applications.  
21127782 Sonochemical formation of metal sponges.  
21443739 Marine sponges and their microbial symbionts: love and other relationships.  
22872833 Comparison of the wound healing effect of cellulose and gelatin: an in vivo study.  
8366743 Tumor specific response to photodynamic therapy.  

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