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10659843 Biomimetic synthesis of ordered silica structures mediated by block copolypeptides.  
16799310 An alternative dressing material for the split-thickness skin graft donor site: oxidized regenerated cellulose.  
17368355 The effects of hemostatic agents on peripheral nerve function: an experimental study.  
18723227 The effect of Interceed for reducing adhesion as a middle ear packing agent: an experimental study.  
1879455 Effect of local hemostatics on platelet aggregation.  
19347258 Development of in situ-forming hydrogels for hemorrhage control.  
19679343 N-Acetyl cysteine (NAC) inhibits proliferation, collagen gene transcription, and redox stress in rat palatal mucosal cells.  
19788736 A randomized, controlled, prospective trial to evaluate the haemostatic effect of Lyostypt versus Surgicel in arterial bypass anastomosis: "COBBANA" trial.  
23094609 Effect of antioxidants on the stability of ONO-1301, a novel long-acting prostacyclin agonist, loaded in PLGA microspheres.  
7058512 Effects of oxidized cellulose and microfibrillar collagen on infection.  

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