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21084093 Synthesis and antibacterial activity of copper-immobilized membrane comprising grafted poly(4-vinylpyridine) chains.  
21284806 Silintaphin-1--interaction with silicatein during structure-guiding bio-silica formation.  
21655917 Development of hemiasterlin derivatives as potential anticancer agents that inhibit tubulin polymerization and synergize with a stilbene tubulin inhibitor.  
22542334 Effect of different methods for decontaminating tooth enamel after contact with blood before bonding orthodontic buttons.  
2776221 Latrunculins--novel marine macrolides that disrupt microfilament organization and affect cell growth: I. Comparison with cytochalasin D.  
3336211 Topical beta-aminopropionitrile and biochemistry of granuloma tissue.  
3353392 Effect of topically applied beta-aminopropionitrile on granuloma tissue biochemistry.  
3556584 Inhibition of actin polymerization by latrunculin A.  
7542668 The state of actin assembly regulates actin and vinculin expression by a feedback loop.  
7626642 The spongistatins, potently cytotoxic inhibitors of tubulin polymerization, bind in a distinct region of the vinca domain.  

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