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21370481 Metabotropic γ-aminobutyric acid (GABAB) receptors modulate feeding behavior in the calcisponge Leucandra aspera.  
22483943 Effect of site of deposition on the fertility of sheep inseminated with frozen-thawed semen.  
22494535 Mechanisms of drug resistance reversal in Dox-resistant MCF-7 cells by pH-responsive amphiphilic polyphosphazene containing diisopropylamino side groups.  
22528535 Effects of repeated administration of hCG on follicular and luteal characteristics and serum progesterone concentrations in eCG-superovulated Sanjabi ewes.  
22678116 miR-21 is targeted by omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid to regulate breast tumor CSF-1 expression.  
23134349 Silk Fibroin/Hyaluronic Acid 3D Matrices for Cartilage Tissue Engineering.  
2594216 Ciliary neurotrophic factor supports target-deprived preganglionic sympathetic spinal cord neurons.  
6215846 Assessment of chemotactic activity by means of implanted sponges. With 4 figures.  
6256214 Methylaplysinopsin and other marine natural products affecting neurotransmission.  
6385875 Supplemental vitamin A prevents the acute radiation-induced defect in wound healing.  

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