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23086679 The efficacy of cutanplast nasal packing after endoscopic sinus surgery: A prospective, randomized, controlled trial.  
23207329 Wound dressings based on silver sulfadiazine solid lipid nanoparticles for tissue repairing.  
2402695 Effects of sodium hyaluronate on peridural fibrosis after lumbar laminotomy and discectomy.  
2858349 Avarol, a cytostatically active compound from the marine sponge Dysidea avara.  
2929171 [Prevention of infection in teflon prostheses for dialysis access. Experiences with a resorbable combined collagen-antibiotic system].  
528164 Embolization of the spleen for treatment of splenomegaly and hypersplenism in patients with portal hypertension.  
5437394 The use of thiazides in the prevention of renal calculi.  
7817986 Evaluation of a carboxymethylcellulose sponge for prevention of postoperative adhesions.  
9315417 A phase I comparative study of contraceptive vaginal films containing benzalkonium chloride and nonoxynol-9. Postcoital testing and colposcopy.  
9380357 Is mitomycin effective in preventing muscle migration after hang-back recession in a rabbit model?  

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