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11665893 Ovulation of aged follicles does not affect embryo quality or fertility after a 14-day progestagen estrus synchronization protocol in ewes.  
11817330 Sciatic inflammatory neuritis (SIN): behavioral allodynia is paralleled by peri-sciatic proinflammatory cytokine and superoxide production.  
11856425 Adult habitat preferences, larval dispersal, and the comparative phylogeography of three Atlantic surgeonfishes (Teleostei: Acanthuridae).  
11869136 Synthesis of (-)-ilimaquinone via a radical decarboxylation and quinone addition reaction.  
12168357 Communicating hydrocephalus: the biomechanics of progressive ventricular enlargement revisited.  
12176245 The effects of pressure and direct compression on tabletting of microsponges.  
12568347 Isolation of an antifreeze peptide from the Antarctic sponge Homaxinella balfourensis.  
12728043 Effect of regional gene therapy with bone morphogenetic protein-2-producing bone marrow cells on spinal fusion in rats.  
12782256 A power ultrasonic technology for deliquoring.  
12919818 Long-term culture of sponge explants: conditions enhancing survival and growth, and assessment of bioactivity.  

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