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15735900 Phenotypic analysis of bovine chondrocytes cultured in 3D collagen sponges: effect of serum substitutes.  
15776313 Marine sponges as pharmacy.  
15836739 Screening of bacterial associates of marine sponges for single cell oil and PUFA.  
16112727 Combined use of designed scaffolds and adenoviral gene therapy for skeletal tissue engineering.  
16183093 Clinical effects of stings by sponges of the genus Tedania and a review of sponge stings worldwide.  
16288965 Following the fate of murine epidermal stem cells in a syngeneic dermal equivalent in vivo.  
16298386 The effects of added nanoparticles on aqueous kaolinite suspensions. I. Structural effects.  
16306318 Mechanical obstruction of the olfactory cleft reveals differences between orthonasal and retronasal olfactory functions.  
16448695 In vivo enhancement of sensory perception recovery in a tissue-engineered skin enriched with laminin.  
16575646 [Experimental principles of the V.A.C.-therapy -- pressure values in superficial soft tissue and the applied foam].  

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