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21556165 Lobophorin C and D, new kijanimicin derivatives from a marine sponge-associated actinomycetal strain AZS17.  
21614563 Marine-based cultivation of diacarnus sponges and the bacterial community composition of wild and maricultured sponges and their larvae.  
21664125 Poly-ethers from Winogradskyella poriferorum: Antifouling potential, time-course study of production and natural abundance.  
21722419 Effect of EGF and bFGF on Fibroblast Proliferation and Angiogenic Cytokine Production from Cultured Dermal Substitutes.  
21742025 Sponge-associated microbial Antarctic communities exhibiting antimicrobial activity against Burkholderia cepacia complex bacteria.  
21852057 Molecular and protein characterization of two species of the latrunculin-producing sponge Negombata from the Red Sea.  
21933021 Cartilage-characteristic matrix reconstruction by sequential addition of soluble factors during expansion of human articular chondrocytes and their cultivation in collagen sponges.  
22072047 Molecular characterization of a nonfibrillar collagen from the marine sponge Chondrosia reniformis Nardo 1847 and positive effects of soluble silicates on its expression.  
22127261 Synergistic Stimuli by Hydrodynamic Pressure and Hydrophilic Coating on PLGA Scaffolds for Extracellular Matrix Synthesis of Engineered Cartilage.  
22132209 Biochemical trade-offs: evidence for ecologically linked secondary metabolism of the sponge Oscarella balibaloi.  

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