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19075571 Marine metabolites overcoming or circumventing multidrug resistance mediated by ATP-dependent transporters: a new hope for patient with tumors resistant to conventional chemotherapy.  
21457737 Revisit complexation between DNA and polyethylenimine--effect of length of free polycationic chains on gene transfection.  
21781858 Inhibitory effects of extracts from the marine alga Caulerpa taxifolia and of toxin from Caulerpa racemosa on multixenobiotic resistance in the marine sponge Geodia cydonium.  
23092661 Impact of gentamicin-collagen sponge (Collatamp) on the incidence of sternal wound infection in high-risk cardiac surgery patients: a propensity score analysis.  
23101952 Influence of local skin temperature and choice of insulin analog on catheter occlusion rates during continuous insulin infusion: an exploratory study.  
3486320 Interleukin 2 enhances wound healing in rats.  
8661204 Nitric oxide regulates wound healing.  
9305556 Tranexamic acid reduces blood loss and transfusion in reoperative cardiac surgery.  

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