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10879630 The mitogen-activated protein kinase p38 pathway is conserved in metazoans: cloning and activation of p38 of the SAPK2 subfamily from the sponge Suberites domuncula.  
12061700 Spontaneous liver hematoma and a hepatic rupture in HELLP syndrome: report of two cases.  
14965307 NKT cell-stimulating synthetic glycolipids as potential therapeutics for autoimmune disease.  
1566351 Cell subsets responding to purified hepatocytes and evidence of indirect recognition of hepatocyte major histocompatibility complex class I antigen. I. The role of L3T4+ T cells in the development of allospecific cytotoxicity in hepatocyte-sponge matrix allografts.  
18945473 Effects of petrosaspongiolide R on the surface topology of bee venom PLA(2): a limited proteolysis and mass spectrometry analysis.  
19876928 Liver and kidney disease in ciliopathies.  
22678116 miR-21 is targeted by omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid to regulate breast tumor CSF-1 expression.  
2968121 Stimulus-response coupling in marine sponge cell aggregation: lipid metabolism and the function of exogenously added arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acids.  
3200109 Latrunculin A is a potent inhibitor of phagocytosis by macrophages.  
8646787 Effects of latrunculin A on immunological phagocytosis and macrophage spreading-associated changes in the F-actin/G-actin content of the cells.  

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