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19753796 Influence of ram presence (permanent vs. intermittent) on estrus parameters and behaviours in Kivircik ewes.  
20576821 Long-term treatment with potassium citrate and renal stones in medullary sponge kidney.  
2157965 Inhibition of iodide transport in thyroid cells by dysidenin, a marine toxin, and some of its analogs.  
21641921 Leucurogin, a new recombinant disintegrin cloned from Bothrops leucurus (white-tailed-jararaca) with potent activity upon platelet aggregation and tumor growth.  
22154776 Hemoglobin directs macrophage differentiation and prevents foam cell formation in human atherosclerotic plaques.  
22898269 Chemical characterization, antioxidant and inhibitory effects of some marine sponges against carbohydrate metabolizing enzymes.  
2441837 A new approach to chemoembolization therapy for hepatoma using ethiodized oil, cisplatin, and gelatin sponge.  
3534021 Clinical experience with topical tretinoin in the treatment of cervical dysplasia.  
8286525 Application of polymeric N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (chitin) to veterinary practice.  
9625297 Galectins: versatile modulators of cell adhesion, cell proliferation, and cell death.  

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