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11291921 Effect of long-term and short-term progestagen treatment on follicular development and pregnancy rate in cyclic ewes.  
12417011 Folliculogenesis and ovarian expression of mRNA encoding aromatase in anoestrous sheep after 5 days of glucose or glucosamine infusion or supplementary lupin feeding.  
15375668 Prospective, randomized trial examining the role of gentamycin-containing collagen sponge in the reduction of postoperative morbidity in rectal cancer patients: early results and surprising outcome at 3-year follow-up.  
15691335 Preparation and characterization of geodin. A betagamma-crystallin-type protein from a sponge.  
15817686 Stress-induced enhancement of leukocyte trafficking into sites of surgery or immune activation.  
16601746 Evaluation of efficacy and safety of daunorubicin in glaucoma filtering surgery.  
18559041 The effect of FloSeal on post-tonsillectomy pain: a randomised controlled pilot study.  
18766350 Menses recovery and fertility after artery embolization for PPH: a single-center retrospective observational study.  
21223352 Randomized controlled trial of toothbrushing to reduce ventilator-associated pneumonia pathogens and dental plaque in a critical care unit.  
22310866 Comparison of standardized peristomal skin care and crusting technique in prevention of peristomal skin problems in ostomy patients.  

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