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10053196 Phase inversion dynamics of PLGA solutions related to drug delivery.  
10087000 Effects of petrosaspongiolide M, a novel phospholipase A2 inhibitor, on acute and chronic inflammation.  
1018661 White sponges and surgical wound illumination.  
10210260 The anti-inflammatory effects of quinolinic acid in the rat.  
10219036 The effect of mitomycin-C on the healing process in rabbit extraocular muscle surgery.  
10385924 Modulation of neutrophil activity by submandibular gland peptide-T (SGP-T).  
10524941 Intraoperative use of the absorbable fibrin adhesive bandage: long term effects.  
10832758 Effect of sterile service on estrus duration, fertility and prolificacy in artificially inseminated dairy goats.  
10972639 Effectiveness of local delivery of alendronate in reducing alveolar bone loss following periodontal surgery in rats.  
11004060 Aggressive warming reduces blood loss during hip arthroplasty.  

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