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20013130 Effect of sponge volume on the performance of down-flow hanging sponge system treating UASB reactor effluent.  
20510944 Reducing medical waste.  
20581758 Bone morphogenetic protein binding peptide mechanism and enhancement of osteogenic protein-1 induced bone healing.  
20620236 C60 fullerene-pentoxifylline dyad nanoparticles enhance autophagy to avoid cytotoxic effects caused by the ╬▓-amyloid peptide.  
20703888 Hemostatic matrix sealant in neurosurgery: a clinical and imaging study.  
20734046 Local administration of antibiotics by gentamicin-collagen sponge does not improve wound healing or reduce recurrence rate after pilonidal excision with primary suture: a prospective randomized controlled trial.  
21122139 Online monitoring of immunoaffinity-based depletion of high-abundance blood proteins by UV spectrophotometry using enhanced green fluorescence protein and FITC-labeled human serum albumin.  
21242943 Synthesis, inhibitory effects on nitric oxide and structure-activity relationships of a glycosphingolipid from the marine sponge Aplysinella rhax and its analogues.  
21338120 Two brominated cyclic dipeptides released by the coldwater marine sponge Geodia barretti act in synergy as chemical defense.  
21666554 [Enteric anastomosis and Tachosil┬«].  

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