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7944603 [Extracorporeal lithotripsy and our future approach in lithiasis].  
823804 Anti-inflammatory drugs, prostaglandins and leucocyte migration.  
9286889 A study of desmopressin and blood loss during spinal fusion for neuromuscular scoliosis: a randomized, controlled, double-blinded study.  
9436888 Assessment of anticollagenase treatments after insertion of a keratoprosthetic material in the rabbit cornea.  
9457456 Long-term effects of postoperative subconjunctival injections of mitomycin-C in the rabbit eye.  
9537731 The effect of locally applied gauze drain impregnated with chlortetracycline ointment in mandibular third-molar surgery.  
9743814 Anti-inflammatory activity of chondroitin sulfate.  
9930110 OP-1 has more effect than mechanical signals in the control of tissue differentiation in healing rat tendons.  
999026 Experimental amniocentesis and teratogenesis. 2. Control of teratogenicity.  

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