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11152258 Effect of gentamicin-containing sponges on the healing of colonic anastomoses in a rat model of peritonitis.  
20210884 Improvement of fertility in artificially inseminated ewes following vaginal treatment with misoprostol plus terbutaline sulphate.  
20926017 Effect of local gentamicin application on healing and wound infection in patients with modified radical mastectomy: a prospective randomized study.  
22729926 Antibacterial activity and cytotoxicity analysis of halistanol trisulphate from marine sponge Petromica citrina.  
22735736 Decellularized ovine esophageal mucosa for esophageal tissue engineering.  
2400801 Influence of glycosaminoglycans on the collagen sponge component of a bilayer artificial skin.  
2714088 Magnesium sulphate and cervical ripening (a biomechanical double-blind, randomized comparison between a synthetic polyvinyl sponge with and without magnesium sulphate).  
3465 The activator of human cerebroside sulphatase. Activating effect on the acidic forms of the sulphatases from invertebrates.  
6155755 Proteoglycans, DNA, and RNA in rat granulation tissue, skin, and aorta. Biochemical and histological studies.  
8866036 Comparative investigation of drug delivery of collagen implants saturated in antibiotic solutions and a sponge containing gentamicin.  

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