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17916117 Bath aids and the subsequent development of bathing disability in community-living older persons.  
18064729 Highly efficient gene transfer with degradable poly(ester amine) based on poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate and polyethylenimine in vitro and in vivo.  
18258293 Synchronization of follicular wave emergence in the seasonally anestrous ewe: the effects of estradiol with or without medroxyprogesterone acetate.  
18300565 CD44 gene vaccination for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in non-obese diabetic mice.  
18365606 [Experimental study on repairing composite defect of mandible and skin by prefabricated musculocutaneous flap including ectopic bone].  
18600149 The effects of lentiviral gene therapy with bone morphogenetic protein-2-producing bone marrow cells on spinal fusion in rats.  
18680115 Heterolytic cleavage of peroxide by a diferrous compound generates metal-based intermediates identical to those observed with reactions utilizing oxygen-atom-donor molecules.  
18704568 Ophthalmic artery embolization as pretreatment of orbital exenteration for conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma.  
18781747 Proton dynamics and room-temperature ferroelectricity in anilate salts with a proton sponge.  
19464054 Gene transfer efficiency of high primary amine content, hydrophobic, alkyl-oligoamine derivatives of polyethylenimine.  

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