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11414483 Exogenous growth hormone improves the number of transferable embryos in superovulated ewes.  
12975137 The effect of 2 sealants (FloSeal and Tisseel) on fasciocutaneous flap revascularization.  
15521716 Effect of GnRH injection timing in the production of pronuclear-stage zygotes used for DNA microinjection.  
16781016 Antifouling activity of synthesized peptide analogs of the sponge metabolite barettin.  
18409112 Antifouling activity of the sponge metabolite agelasine D and synthesised analogs on Balanus improvisus.  
22115907 Effects of Karenia brevis on clearance rates and bioaccumulation of brevetoxins in benthic suspension feeding invertebrates.  
311350 Alterations in granulation tissue growth induced in vivo by lymphocytes from adjuvant-diseased rats.  
8624392 Effect of basic fibroblast growth factor on cartilage regeneration in chondrocyte-seeded collagen sponge scaffold.  
864795 Effects of enviromental temperature and femoral fracture on wound healing in rats.  

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