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10573839 Origin of insulin receptor-like tyrosine kinases in marine sponges.  
10775679 The effect of epidermal growth factor on the fetal rabbit mandibular condyle and isolated condylar fibroblasts.  
11275564 Production of a biologically active epidermal growth factor fusion protein with high collagen affinity.  
11545312 Study on gelatin-containing artificial skin IV: A comparative study on the effect of antibiotic and EGF on cell proliferation during epidermal healing.  
12063542 Quantitative and qualitative in vivo angiogenesis assay.  
15722137 Reversal of silver sulfadiazine-impaired wound healing by epidermal growth factor.  
16350860 Enhancing dermal matrix regeneration and biomechanical properties of 2nd degree-burn wounds by EGF-impregnated collagen sponge dressing.  
17383885 Regional and modular expression of morphogenetic factors in the demosponge Lubomirskia baicalensis.  
18626991 Localized delivery of epidermal growth factor improves the survival of transplanted hepatocytes.  
19432660 Epidermal growth factor-containing wound closure enhances wound healing in non-diabetic and diabetic rats.  

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