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20811069 Osteogenic potential of mandibular vs. long-bone marrow stromal cells.  
21044171 Use of self-setting α-tricalcium phosphate for maxillary sinus augmentation in rabbit.  
21178970 Peptides from phage display library modulate gene expression in mesenchymal cells and potentiate osteogenesis in unicortical bone defects.  
21235063 [Effect of acupotomy lysis on hypothalamic POMC mRNA and PPE mRNA expression in rats with 3rd lumbar vertebrae transverse process syndrome].  
21300833 The marine sponge-derived polyketide endoperoxide plakortide F acid mediates its antifungal activity by interfering with calcium homeostasis.  
21339943 Isolation and characterization of a Mn(II)-oxidizing Bacillus strain from the demosponge Suberites domuncula.  
21460336 Apatite-coated hyaluronan for bone regeneration.  
21597297 Rapamycin-induced impaired wound healing is associated with compromised tissue lactate accumulation and extracellular matrix remodeling.  
21611182 miR-132 mediates the integration of newborn neurons into the adult dentate gyrus.  
21613227 MicroRNA-21 orchestrates high glucose-induced signals to TOR complex 1, resulting in renal cell pathology in diabetes.  

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