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23034717 Arginine plus proline supplementation elicits metabolic adaptation that favors wound healing in diabetic rats.  
23081774 Developmental cycle and pharmaceutically relevant compounds of Salinispora actinobacteria isolated from Great Barrier Reef marine sponges.  
23142521 Attenuation of miR-126 Activity Expands HSC In┬áVivo without Exhaustion.  
23212098 A physiological role for connective tissue growth factor in early wound healing.  
23238710 microRNA-21 Regulates Astrocytic Response Following Spinal Cord Injury.  
23270543 Enhanced hyaline cartilage matrix synthesis in collagen sponge scaffolds by using siRNA to stabilize chondrocytes phenotype cultured with BMP-2 under hypoxia.  
23280087 Comparative study of microRNA regulation on FOXL2 between adult-type and juvenile-type granulosa cell tumours in vitro.  
2660093 Adolescent contraception: nonhormonal methods.  
3501286 Epidermal growth factor increases collagen production in granulation tissue by stimulation of fibroblast proliferation and not by activation of procollagen genes.  
3687435 An apocrine membrane antigen with polarized distribution and hormonally regulated expression in human endometrial and mammary carcinoma cell lines.  

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