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11337008 Retinoic acid down-regulates the expression of EmH-3 homeobox-containing gene in the freshwater sponge Ephydatia muelleri.  
12149454 Peptide blockade of HIFalpha degradation modulates cellular metabolism and angiogenesis.  
14607507 Influence of medium composition, static and stirred conditions on the proliferation of and matrix protein expression of bovine articular chondrocytes cultured in a 3-D collagen scaffold.  
16325510 Cytoarchitecture modifications of the human uterine endocervical mucosa in long-term three-dimensional organotypic culture.  
19049956 Exploring the early origins of the synapse by comparative genomics.  
20226280 Bioengineering of the silica-polymerizing enzyme silicatein-alpha for a targeted application to hydroxyapatite.  
21093588 Polyethylenimines for RNAi-mediated gene targeting in vivo and siRNA delivery to the lung.  
21756361 Histone variant innovation in a rapidly evolving chordate lineage.  
22409352 Proteomic profiling of germ cell cancer cells treated with aaptamine, a marine alkaloid with antiproliferative activity.  
22412813 Anti-melanogenic property of geoditin A in murine B16 melanoma cells.  

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