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10190703 Ear and nose foreign body removal in children.  
10787070 Intraperitoneal gossypibomas: the need to count sponges.  
11112877 Extravesical foreign body presenting as a bladder tumor.  
11284312 Fine needle aspiration cytology of foreign bodies presenting as cystic abdominal masses. A report of three cases.  
11754142 The subcutaneous capsules for foreign body in fetal rabbits: preliminary report.  
12529464 Risk factors for retained instruments and sponges after surgery.  
1527984 [The ultrasonic diagnosis of textilomas].  
17593464 Laparoscopic retrieval of intraabdominal foreign bodies.  
18187753 Misinterpretation of a pulmonary GI anastomosis stapler line as a retained foreign body.  
18611923 An incremental step in patient safety: reducing the risks of retained foreign bodies by the use of an integrated laparotomy pad/retractor.  

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