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19258420 Enterocutaneous fistula in a dog secondary to an intraperitoneal gauze foreign body.  
19361633 Retained foreign bodies during surgery in pediatric patients: a national perspective.  
20890826 [Pleural textiloma discovered after treatment of a persistant arterial channel].  
21427312 Commonly encountered foreign bodies and devices in the female pelvis: MDCT appearances.  
21465308 [Migration of a retained intra-abdominal foreign body into the colon].  
21489830 Detecting patient safety indicators: How valid is "foreign body left during procedure" in the Veterans Health Administration?  
22299322 Laparoscopic retrieval of gossypibomas--short series and review of literature.  
22429970 Comparison of GlideScope(®) versus Macintosh laryngoscope for the removal of a hypopharyngeal foreign body: a randomized cross-over cadaver study.  
22523319 Comparative economic analyses of patient safety improvement strategies in acute care: a systematic review.  
22874706 A retained foreign body mimicking colon cancer.  

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