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14700491 Retained sponge after abdominal surgery.  
15111812 New method of pediatric cranioplasty for skull defect utilizing polylactic acid absorbable plates and carbonated apatite bone cement.  
15311414 Retained surgical textilomas occur more often during war.  
16002969 Paracardiac opacity following inferior- and middle-lobe resection for bronchogenic carcinoma: unsuspected diagnosis.  
16428099 Spontaneous transmural migration of surgical sponges.  
17983075 Retained foreign bodies after emergent trauma surgery: incidence after 2526 cavitary explorations.  
22299322 Laparoscopic retrieval of gossypibomas--short series and review of literature.  
3559406 [Foreign bodies in the body following vascular surgery (11 cases)].  
3631837 The use of sodium hyaluronate as a biologic sleeve in strabismus surgery.  

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