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10030267 Combined transcatheter arterial chemoembolization and local radiotherapy of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.  
10372931 Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with Child's grade A or B cirrhosis: a multivariate analysis of prognostic factors.  
10598854 Power Doppler sonography of hepatocellular carcinoma treated by transcatheter arterial chemoembolization. Assessment of the therapeutic effect.  
11012432 Percutaneous radio-frequency thermal ablation of nonresectable hepatocellular carcinoma after occlusion of tumor blood supply.  
11075962 Hepatocellular carcinoma : treated with hepatic arterial embolization, an analysis of prognostic features in 150 cases.  
11202797 Long-term results of lipiodol-transcatheter arterial embolization with cisplatin or doxorubicin for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.  
11386460 Pilot study of local radiotherapy for portal vein tumor thrombus in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma.  
11474499 Unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma treated with radiotherapy and/or chemoembolization.  
11707962 [Transarterial chemoembolization (TAE) with degradable starch microspheres (DSM) in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma].  
11736709 Palliative treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma by chemoembolization.  

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