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10415214 Referred pain to the ipsilateral forehead and orbit: An unusual phenomenon during bronchial artery embolization.  
15801637 [Pulmonary hemorrhages of different etiology: diagnosis and treatment].  
19323900 Supplementary inferior phrenic artery embolization in the interventional treatment of hemoptysis.  
20647665 Cortical blindness and ataxia complicating bronchial artery embolization for severe hemoptysis.  
8164402 [A case of gauzeoma with recurrent massive hemoptysis mimicking aspergilloma].  
8633980 Retained sponge after thoracotomy that mimicked aspergilloma.  
8756916 Massive hemoptysis due to pulmonary tuberculosis: control with bronchial artery embolization.  
9864782 [Pulmonary textiloma revealed by hemoptysis 12 years after thoracotomy].  
9881212 [Bronchial embolization in the treatment of hemoptysis].  

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