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12631297 Treatment of periprosthetic soft tissue infection of the groin following vascular surgical procedures by means of a polyvinyl alcohol-vacuum sponge system.  
1645910 [Use of resorbable synthetic net as implanted tamponade in hard-to- manage hemorrhagic lesions].  
19106850 [Uterine artery embolization with resorbable material prior to myomectomy].  
20975970 Bizarre depressed skull fracture by a tile fragment in a young child, causing superior sagittal sinus injury.  
21620055 Postexplant residual cavity hemostasis with a TachoSil patch.  
3856007 Collagen sponge as a topical hemostatic agent in mucogingival surgery.  
528164 Embolization of the spleen for treatment of splenomegaly and hypersplenism in patients with portal hypertension.  
7861218 A clinicopathological study of collagen sponge as a dural graft in neurosurgery.  
8166531 Packing the chest: a useful technique for intractable bleeding after open heart operation.  
9354510 Porous-type tracheal prosthesis sealed with collagen sponge.  

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