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12127814 Comparative study of the efficacy of the common topical hemostatic agents with fibrin sealant in a rabbit aortic anastomosis model.  
12405378 A nonadhesive liquid embolic agent composed of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer and ethanol mixture for the treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations: experimental study.  
16508494 Damage control management of experimental grade 5 renal injuries: further evaluation of FloSeal gelatin matrix.  
17693824 Comparison of a new hemostatic agent to current combat hemostatic agents in a Swine model of lethal extremity arterial hemorrhage.  
19705375 Hemostatic efficacy of biological self-assembling peptide nanofibers in a rat kidney model.  
20205876 Use of the novel hemostatic textile Stasilon(R) to arrest refractory retroperitoneal hemorrhage: a case report.  
21620055 Postexplant residual cavity hemostasis with a TachoSil patch.  
3399004 [A case of ophthalmoplegic migraine with cerebral aneurysm].  
3856007 Collagen sponge as a topical hemostatic agent in mucogingival surgery.  
7848086 Evaluation of a new hemostatic agent in experimental splenic laceration.  

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