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10369341 Hypervascular spinal tumors: influence of the embolization technique on perioperative hemorrhage.  
10452456 Dry fibrin sealant dressings reduce blood loss, resuscitation volume, and improve survival in hypothermic coagulopathic swine with grade V liver injuries.  
10953494 Hemostasis using tissue glue in laparoscopy: discussion and review.  
15361276 Surgical management of severe obstetric hemorrhage: experience with an obstetric hemorrhage equipment tray.  
16508500 Evaluation of FloSeal as a potential intracavitary hemostatic agent.  
18535499 [Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma: report of 15 cases treated by embolization].  
18588764 A scientific review of middle meatal packing/stents.  
19106850 [Uterine artery embolization with resorbable material prior to myomectomy].  
19130332 Is the zeolite hemostatic agent beneficial in reducing blood loss during arterial injury?  
20806153 Drainage of esophageal leakage using endoscopic vacuum therapy: a prospective pilot study.  

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