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11339028 [Improved technology of simultaneous penetrating keratoplasty and second implantation of posterior chamber intraocular lens in complete or extensive absence of the posterior lenticular capsule].  
13015872 [Arrest of hemorrhage by means of gelatin sponge tamponade in suprapubic prostatectomy].  
15361276 Surgical management of severe obstetric hemorrhage: experience with an obstetric hemorrhage equipment tray.  
15486757 Tamponade of presacral hemorrhage with hemostatic sponges fixed to the sacrum with endoscopic helical tackers: report of two cases.  
15801637 [Pulmonary hemorrhages of different etiology: diagnosis and treatment].  
1645910 [Use of resorbable synthetic net as implanted tamponade in hard-to- manage hemorrhagic lesions].  
16508500 Evaluation of FloSeal as a potential intracavitary hemostatic agent.  
2672419 [Characteristics of the arrest of hemorrhages occurring after tooth extraction in patients with congenital coagulopathies].  
3289225 Control of bleeding in upper urinary tract and retroperitoneal surgery.  
6976126 Transhepatic embolization in patients with acute variceal hemorrhage.  

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