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1653688 [Transcatheter hepatic artery infusion chemotherapy and embolization for 60 patients with primary hepatic carcinoma].  
2538865 [Therapy of hepatic carcinoma by the intra-arterial injection of lipiodol, antineoplastic agents and gelfoam].  
2553366 [Hepatic artery embolization for primary hepatic carcinoma].  
2557153 Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization with anticancer drug in iodized oil for primary hepatic carcinoma.  
7720505 [Hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy and embolization in the treatment of hepatic carcinoma].  
7794007 [Liver tumor targeting of drugs: Spherex, a vascular occlusive agent].  
9324524 [Comparative study on the long-term effect of permanent embolization of hepatic artery with Bletilla striata in patients with primary liver cancer].  
9387275 [Factors affecting survival of hepatic carcinoma patients and their clinical significance].  

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