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1016824 The management of the patient with calcium stones.  
11382681 Contributory metabolic factors in the development of nephrolithiasis in patients with medullary sponge kidney.  
1184336 Changes in the composition of urinary tract stones.  
19394492 Relationships between carbonation rate of carbapatite and morphologic characteristics of calcium phosphate stones and etiology.  
21585169 Nephrolithiasis in medullary sponge kidney.  
2858124 [Tubular dysfunction in renal lithiasis: cause or consequence?].  
2871216 Tubulopathy in nephrolithiasis: consequence rather than cause.  
3344405 [So-called "renal" idiopathic hypercalciuria most often has a dietary origin].  
3688038 Dietary factors and medullary sponge kidneys as causes of the so-called idiopathic renal leak of calcium.  
3707033 Renal tubular acidosis.  

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