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10467129 Interactions of (-)-ilimaquinone with methylation enzymes: implications for vesicular-mediated secretion.  
10852313 Reconstitution of the Golgi reassembly process in semi-intact MDCK cells.  
11206443 S-adenosylmethionine reverses ilimaquinone's vesiculation of the Golgi apparatus: a fluorescence study on the cellular interactions of ilimaquinone.  
11671645 New Tools for Studying Vesicular-Mediated Protein Trafficking: Synthesis and Evaluation of Ilimaquinone Analogs in a Non-Radioisotope-Based Antisecretory Assay.  
11672192 Efficient Total Synthesis of (-)-Ilimaquinone.  
14510613 Determination of the absolute stereochemistry of cyclosmenospongine.  
14529524 Natural products with anti-HIV activity from marine organisms.  
17140562 Ilimaquinone, a marine sponge metabolite, displays anticancer activity via GADD153-mediated pathway.  
17897952 Requirement of phospholipase D for ilimaquinone-induced Golgi membrane fragmentation.  
19692248 A new structural class of S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase inhibitors.  

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