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6364746 Sonographic evaluation of experimental acute renal arterial occlusion in dogs.  
7336947 Effect of D-penicillamine on collagen, glycosaminoglycans, DNA and RNA of granulation tissue and connective tissue of skin, bone and aorta in rats.  
7533611 Suppression of VEGF-induced angiogenesis by the protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor, lavendustin A.  
7538184 Correlation of 133Xe clearance, blood flow and histology in the rat sponge model for angiogenesis. Further studies with angiogenic modifiers.  
7577825 In vivo chondrogenesis in collagen sponge sandwiched by perichondrium.  
7689077 Enhanced in vitro hair growth at the air-liquid interface: minoxidil preserves the root sheath in cultured whisker follicles.  
8015002 The role of inflammatory cytokines in wound healing: accelerated healing in endotoxin-resistant mice.  
8514388 Characterization of cellular infiltrates and cytokine production during the expression phase of the anticryptococcal delayed-type hypersensitivity response.  
8631742 Characterization of an interleukin 6 cytokine family antagonist protein from a marine sponge, Callyspongia sp.  
8931257 Cardiac and vascular responses of isolated rat tissues treated with diterpenes from Sinularia flexibilis (coelenterata: octocorallia).  

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