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8966719 Beta-adrenergic stimulation induces ST-segment elevation in dogs with healing myocardial infarction.  
9178736 Canine chondrocytes seeded in type I and type II collagen implants investigated in vitro.  
9306979 Effects of supplementary treatment with bovine growth hormone on hormonal and ovulatory responses to inhibin immunization in ewes.  
9720802 B1 receptor involvement in the effect of bradykinin on venular endothelial cell proliferation and potentiation of FGF-2 effects.  
9738522 Effect of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 on fracture healing in a goat tibial fracture model.  
9812444 [Dynamic changes in cytokines in wound exudates from superficial II degree burns in rats].  

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