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21139802 Cell adhesion molecule CD44: its functional roles in prostate cancer.  
21178970 Peptides from phage display library modulate gene expression in mesenchymal cells and potentiate osteogenesis in unicortical bone defects.  
2176127 Karyotype evolution in a simian virus 40-transformed tumorigenic human cell line.  
21763293 Occurrence, function and potential medicinal applications of the phytohormone abscisic acid in animals and humans.  
21857959 High-throughput screening of Australian marine organism extracts for bioactive molecules affecting the cellular storage of neutral lipids.  
21907724 Genetic background determines mouse strain differences in inflammatory angiogenesis.  
22015824 Archwire cleaning after intraoral ageing: the effects on debris, roughness, and friction.  
22092818 Generating thermotolerant colonies by pairing Beauveria bassiana isolates.  
22429111 A hybrid silk/RADA-based fibrous scaffold with triple hierarchy for ligament regeneration.  
22628359 Evaluation of a novel collagen-gelatin scaffold for achieving the sustained release of basic fibroblast growth factor in a diabetic mouse model.  

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