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22814495 Enhanced epsilon-poly-L-lysine production from Streptomyces ahygroscopicus by a combination of cell immobilization and in situ adsorption.  
23196150 Essential plant oils and headache mechanisms.  
23202953 Improved production of cyclodextrins by alkalophilic bacilli immobilized on synthetic or loofa sponges.  
23203265 Potentiation of the cytotoxic activity of copper by polyphosphate on biofilm-producing bacteria: a bioinspired approach.  
2476966 [Transcatheter arterial embolization with hepatic arterial induction of endogenous TNF in hepatocellular carcinoma].  
2562644 The diabetic rat as an impaired wound healing model: stimulatory effects of transforming growth factor-beta and basic fibroblast growth factor.  
2947359 Evidence that secondary mixed leukocyte culture supernatant mediates changes in cellular recruitment, blood flow, and vascular permeability.  
3392684 Effects of okadaic acid on isometric tension and myosin phosphorylation of chemically skinned guinea-pig taenia coli.  
360747 Collagen types in early phases of wound healing in children.  
3838548 Accelerated wound repair, cell proliferation, and collagen accumulation are produced by a cartilage-derived growth factor.  

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