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2730827 Electroencephalographic effects of laudanosine in an animal model of epilepsy.  
2773504 Modulation of inflammatory reactions by surgical trauma: lack of relationship with corticosteroid secretion.  
2793624 Conception rates in early postpartum ewes bred naturally or by intrauterine insemination.  
3955155 Collagen-based wound dressing: effects of hyaluronic acid and fibronectin on wound healing.  
563449 Oestradiol-17beta, progesterone, FSH and LH in prepubertal calves induced to superovulate.  
6404877 Effects of melatonin and thyrotropin releasing hormone on mares during the nonbreeding season.  
7461821 Redistribution of cardiac output during localized granulomatous inflammation and the effect of methysergide in anesthetized rats.  
7721960 Sulfate restriction induces hyposecretion of the adhesion proteoglycan and cell hypomotility associated with increased 35SO4(2-) uptake and expression of a band 3 like protein in the marine sponge, Microciona prolifera.  
7888046 Donor-specific cytotoxicity induced by allogeneic intestinal epithelial cells in a sponge matrix model.  
8447195 Insulin-like growth factor I accelerates proliferation and differentiation of cartilage progenitor cells in cultures of neonatal mandibular condyles.  

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