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15379264 [Distribution of tetracycline-arginine-glycine-aspartate-tyrosine in mice and its effect on bone].  
15518543 Tumor cells resistant to a microtubule-depolymerizing hemiasterlin analogue, HTI-286, have mutations in alpha- or beta-tubulin and increased microtubule stability.  
15522313 Wound fluid inhibits wound fibroblast nitric oxide synthesis.  
16036775 Differential effect of tacrolimus on dermal and intestinal wound healing.  
16055674 In vitro evaluation of the angiostatic potential of drugs using an endothelialized tissue-engineered connective tissue.  
16176456 Recombinant adenovirus-p21 attenuates proliferative responses associated with excessive scarring.  
16364222 Proteinase-activated receptors in ovine cervical function.  
16495926 A selective retinoid X receptor agonist bexarotene (LGD1069, targretin) inhibits angiogenesis and metastasis in solid tumours.  
16818723 A disease- and phosphorylation-related nonmechanical function for keratin 8.  
16984429 Single local instillation of nonviable Staphylococcus aureus or its peptidoglycan ameliorates glucocorticoid-induced impaired wound healing.  

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