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15284019 Extracts from two marine sponges lower cyclin B1 levels, cause a G2/M cell cycle block and trigger apoptosis in SW-13 human adrenal carcinoma cells.  
15348233 The influence of crosslinking agents and diamines on the pore size, morphology and the biological stability of collagen sponges and their effect on cell penetration through the sponge matrix.  
15743890 A role for Rho and Rac in secretagogue-induced amylase release by pancreatic acini.  
15967490 The effect of melatonin implants during the seasonal anestrus on embryo production after superovulation in aged high-prolificacy Rasa Aragonesa ewes.  
16176456 Recombinant adenovirus-p21 attenuates proliferative responses associated with excessive scarring.  
16260861 Low oxygen tension enhances chondroinduction by demineralized bone matrix in human dermal fibroblasts in vitro.  
16518711 Contribution of immunocompetence to the antibacterial activities of ciprofloxacin and moxifloxacin in an in vitro pharmacodynamic model.  
16537793 Determination of binding site residues responsible for the subunit selectivity of novel marine-derived compounds on kainate receptors.  
16575646 [Experimental principles of the V.A.C.-therapy -- pressure values in superficial soft tissue and the applied foam].  
16827697 Determination of the in vivo bioavailability of iontophoretically delivered diclofenac using a methyl nicotinate skin inflammation assay.  

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