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3091943 [The influence in the rat of counter-irritation by turpentine on the leukocyte content of exudates induced by sponge implants].  
6436715 The mechanism of the anti-inflammatory effect of turpentine in the rat.  
7533611 Suppression of VEGF-induced angiogenesis by the protein tyrosine kinase inhibitor, lavendustin A.  
7940585 Specific blockage of squid axon resting potassium permeability by Haliclona viridis (Porifera: Haliclonidae) toxin (HvTX).  
9358314 Chemical inactivators as sterilization agents for bovine collagen materials.  
9720802 B1 receptor involvement in the effect of bradykinin on venular endothelial cell proliferation and potentiation of FGF-2 effects.  

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